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Celebrating Black History Month: 10 Kajabi Heroes to check out

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Celebrating Black History Month: 10 Kajabi Heroes to check out
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Our Kajabi Heroes are a diverse group of entrepreneurs creators, teachers, and coaches who offer knowledge content on some incredible subjects. Diversity and inclusion is something we strive for year-round here at Kajabi. But, to celebrate Black History Month, we’re taking this opportunity to showcase ten Black entrepreneurs that have built successful brands and businesses.

Erica Terry, Classroom to CEO

Erica has 19 years of experience in education, spanning from high school science to counseling and administration. She recounts how after the birth of her child, she struggled with the long hours of working in school administration, so she transitioned to a professional learning consultant with school districts in Georgia.

Erica empowers educators with “profitable action steps to start a side hustle and create multiple streams of income.” She does this by showing educators how to create the automated systems they need to free up their time, increase efficiency, and grow a community - so they can run an online business.

Erica helps other educators in the same position she once was, while making money from her expertise on Kajabi. She offers online courses, a podcast, and a book.

AttiQuewa Green, That Finance Chick

Photo of AttiQuewa Green smiling with text saying "Wealth Starts Here Acceleator Build Wealth Where You Are"

AttiQuewa Green helps women remove overthinking, procrastination, and perfectionism when it comes to money so they can build wealth. She’s been in the finance industry for 12 years.

AttiQuewa shares the story of how she watched her mom work her way up from earning $6.25 per hour to over $100,000 per year. She gained valuable lessons about why women need to build wealth independent of their relationship status, and now educates other women.

She offers the 10-week Wealth Starts Here Accelerator training and group coaching program on Kajabi and has helped her clients get more organized and confident in their finances.

Charles Drigger, The Bricks Academy

Charles Drigger, also known as BricksDaMane, is a music producer. He shares that he went from experiencing homelessness to working with some of the biggest names in music and traveling the world - all because of his beats and determination.

With The Bricks Academy, he not only shares his music production tips and techniques, but also teaches new and hopeful producers how to network, build a clientele, and create more opportunities to sell their music. These skills allow his students to reach the ultimate goal of generating passive income from their music.

Cheryl Cooper, Kajabi Lifestyle Architech

Cheryl is an online business coach who focuses on helping people get up and running with Kajabi. She has two decades of experience in corporate IT consulting, but for the last 15 years has always had some kind of side hustle.

She says, “I empower, equip, and educate women (companies) to utilize their skill sets and experiences to create transformational online businesses, websites, digital courses, coaching and membership programs to share with the world.”

Now, thanks to running her online business, she can live her dreams and she enjoys helping other people find their dreams and be successful.

Eve Guzman, GTransformation Academy

Eve Guzman, native of Fort Wayne, Indiana, helps women and other coaches in the health space reach their goals. She’s a PEOPLE Magazine 'Half Their Size' ambassador, certified medical laboratory professional, and holds a Master’s in Business Administration. Eve lost over 150 pounds and now is a figure competitor, passionate about helping others find sustainable ways to improve their health.

She runs GTransformation Academy, “an exclusive, high-touch, online nutrition and fitness academy designed for highly motivated individuals to use scientifically based Macro Nutrition protocols and systems for effective and sustainable weight loss without restriction for themselves and their clients.” Ultimately, Eve aims to help people ditch dieting by giving tailored advice to their needs - not making the clients fit the program.

Her team includes four other trainers that are certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

Marquesa Pettway, Biz Reinvent Live 

Marquesa Pettway is native of Dallas, Texas and a former CNN associate producer who later became a business reinvention strategist and professional speaker. Also known as the “Queen of Zoom,” she teaches coaches how to leverage their skills, time and network.

Her clients learn how to create and uplevel diverse income streams by leveraging online technology, monetizing businesses from the ground up, and creating lifestyle businesses. Marquesa has also consulted with big-name firms including Microsoft, Texas Instruments, and PepsiCo. 

On Kajabi, she offers a membership called ClubZQ, in which  she trains members on how to best leverage Zoom - perfect for remote business building. 

Jasmine Womack, Executive Coach

Jasmine is an executive coach who focuses on the power of storytelling. She is CEO of The EMPACT Group, LLC, a seven-figure coaching and consulting brand, and has coached over 1,000 self-published authors. Before building The EMPACT Group she spent 12 years as a middle school educator. She made the switch to executive and author coaching by leveraging those same credentials.

She offers an Authorship Made Easy bootcamp for new authors, a live conference, and a mastermind group for published authors. She helps authors to complete their book, self-publish, and market effectively, so they can see success from their writing.

Marki Lemons, Real Estate Speaker and Coach

Marki Lemons-Ryhal provides social media education and strategies for real estate agents.  She’s got tons of professional accolades: she’s a former restaurateur, earned Master’s in Business Administration, and holds 61 certifications and licenses across social media and real estate. Marki has also been featured in multiple national news and housing publications. 

She offers live and virtual speaking, and uses  Kajabi to host The Six Figures in 12 Months Real Estate Membership. This helps licensed real estate agents build thriving businesses based on consistent lead generation strategies. She also offers a digital planner and habit tracker for those looking to build real estate success.

Roberto Blake, Awesome Creator Academy

Many people want to jump in and start earning from the creator economy. Roberto Blake helps people do just that. He has over half a millionYouTube subscribers and uses his skills and experience on YouTube to help others. 

Roberto shares that “by leveraging the power of YouTube and other social media platforms I became a public speaker, built a successful coaching business, and several online ventures based on organic traffic.”

He is a public speaker for in-person events, and hosts the Awesome Creator Economy membership on Kajabi. Roberto provides live training with growth strategies, productivity systems, and business structure. In addition to his membership, he also uses Kajabi to offer one-on-one coaching, and a bundle of content with tips on starting a YouTube channel

Kerry Marshall, Kerry’s Kamp

Kerry Marshall, also known as Kerry 2 Smooth, is a veteran of the United States Army from North Carolina turned Los Angeles-based musician and knowledge entrepreneur.

He got his start with music at his church and started taking guitar more seriously in high school. In 2010 he started a YouTube channel which led to requests for private lessons. In 2014, he got his big break in the music industry in Los Angeles. Since then, he’s played guitar for artists like Jason DeRulo, Tori Kelly, and Ledisi. 

In 2017, he launched Kerry’s Kamp on Kajabi, a video-based online guitar community. The community focuses on the rhythm & blues, neosoul, and gospel music genres. He helps musicians who want to improve their skills in guitar to give them depth and build confidence. The membership includes over 700 video lessons and he offers coaching as well.

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Our Kajabi Heroes are a diverse group of entrepreneurs creators, teachers, and coaches who offer knowledge content on some incredible subjects. Diversity and inclusion is something we strive for year-round here at Kajabi. But, to celebrate Black History Month, we’re taking this opportunity to showcase ten Black entrepreneurs that have built successful brands and businesses. 

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