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Kajabi vs. Twitter


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One of the best things about being a creator is the variety of channels available for sharing and monetizing your knowledge. 

Two platforms in particular are recognized for their ability to help creators market online: Kajabi and Twitter. And as different as they may seem, they both offer several options for making money from your content

In this Kajabi vs. Twitter comparison, we’ll take a close look at the benefits of each so you know where to focus your energy as you develop a content monetization strategy. 

Twitter monetization options

Twitter offers several paths for making money as a knowledge commerce entrepreneur, including direct and indirect content monetization options:

  • Amplify Pre-roll
  • Amplify Sponsorships
  • Twitter Spaces
  • Super Follows

Amplify Pre-roll

Amplify Pre-roll is Twitter's opt-in advertising program that serves pre-roll ads against the video content you share on Twitter. 

A pre-roll ad is a short video ad that plays before your video begins. Videos shared on Twitter can be up to 10 minutes in length and, if accepted into the program, will open up a monetization button as part of Twitter’s Media Studio

You must apply to the Amplify Publisher Program as a premium publisher. For that, you must:

  • Be verified
  • Publish brand-safe content according to Safe For Ads content guidelines
  • Be an active Twitter video publisher
  • Accept the Amplify Publisher Program Terms & Conditions

Amplify Sponsorships

Another method of Twitter content monetization is through Amplify Sponsorships. With this program, you can partner with advertisers who want to reach your audience. Then, you’ll create campaigns and content that promote their offers.

Sponsorships allow you to use a variety of innovative formats such as auto-reply campaigns or sponsored Q&A. The key is to align your premium content with the partner’s product.

As with Pre-roll, you must be approved for the Amplify Publisher Program before you can participate in this program.

Important note
: Whether you use Amplify Pre-roll or Amplify Sponsorships to monetize your content on Twitter, it’s worth noting that you don’t get paid until sixty days after the end of the month in which your earnings were made. So if you made money in June, you wouldn’t get paid until August. 

It’s also worth noting that you can’t monetize the same video with both Amplify Pre-roll and Amplify Sponsorships. You must decide which videos you want to amplify and which program they’re best suited for. 

If you have multiple sponsors, you can use a single video across several Sponsorships. But to do this, you’ll need to create multiple tweets, each linked to a particular Sponsorship package. 

Beyond Twitter’s direct advertising options, there are also two other methods that are currently being tested for their long-term advertising popularity and viability: Twitter Spaces and Super Follows. 

Twitter Spaces

Spaces is Twitter’s answer to chat platforms like Clubhouse and Discord. Spaces are currently available only for Android and iOS mobile devices, and all Spaces are public. Only 13 people can talk, but anyone can enter the Space, listen, share, and participate.

Twitter doesn’t directly monetize Spaces (yet), but they’re testing Ticketed Spaces, a revenue-share program where tickets are purchased from Twitter to attend a creators’ Ticketed Spaces. These spaces can be used to host workshops, conversations, or meet-and-greets with fans. 

Spaces are a great way to build a community. But to monetize them, your best bet is to mention a product or offer during the meeting, and then send people to a landing page to learn more.  

: You can also set up Twitter Tips on your profile. Simply add links to third-party payment services and turn the feature on. Twitter doesn’t take a percentage of your tip, but the payment service may charge a fee.

Super Follows

Last but not least is Super Follows. Launched in September 2021, Super Follows is Twitter’s attempt to capture some of the market that sites like Patreon are currently occupying. Users pay to Super Follow someone, and get access to exclusive content, videos, and other perks. 

To take advantage of Super Follows, members must be 18 years of age or older, have at least 10,000 followers, and have tweeted at least 25 times within the last 30 days. 

You can set a monthly subscription of $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99 for fans to access your behind-the-scenes content. When someone views your profile on a mobile device, they’ll see the Subscribe icon beside the Follow button.

When someone clicks on the Subscribe button, they’re taken to your sales page for your Super Follow membership. There, you can explain the benefits of becoming a member. The monthly fee is shown on the Subscribe button.

Once Super Followers is set up, you must choose which audience receives any tweet you post. 

Monetizing your content with Kajabi 

Kajabi doesn’t have built-in advertising, sponsorships, or pre-roll video marketing features. Instead, it gives you an all-in-one suite of tools that make it easy to turn your knowledge into a profitable business. 

When evaluating Twitter vs. Kajabi, the biggest benefit of Kajabi is that you own your business. You make the decisions. You set the prices. You decide what you want to sell and how to sell it.

Social media
platforms are notorious for changing their algorithms and rules, making it impossible to control your growth and results. You might like Twitter’s monetization programs today, but will they be there tomorrow? You can’t be sure of that.

Kajabi was designed to help knowledge entrepreneurs to build a profitable business without the headaches that usually go with entrepreneurship. It does that with an impressive tool set that continues to expand. Let’s take a look:

Drag-and-drop website builder

Kajabi’s drag-and-drop website builder is fully mobile responsive and customizable. In just a few clicks, you can build a website that looks fantastic on any device — no design experience necessary. 

The website builder includes a wide range of page elements, so you can build a site that perfectly fits your brand, products, and messaging. And if you need a jump start, Kajabi offers a number of templates that you can personalize and make your own. 

Plus, if you decide you want to change how your site looks or flows, you only need to update one page. Every other page adopts the new color or font, so you never need to update your pages one by one. 

Email marketing

In a Kajabi vs. Twitter comparison, we can’t forget Kajabi’s robust email marketing software. With Twitter, you’ll need a separate website to promote your business, and you’ll need to pay for a third-party email marketing service, which you’ll need to integrate with your website.

With Kajabi, email marketing is baked into the platform. It’s yours at no additional cost. And Kajabi’s email allows you to leverage best practices to get great results. 

And it’s easy to set up (no integrations required). The first time you create an email list in Kajabi, the platform walks you through the process step-by-step. You’ll have no trouble creating opt-in forms and follow-up messages that are customized to your brand and your message.

Automated marketing pipelines

In our Twitter vs. Kajabi faceoff, there’s one area where Kajabi truly shines: its automated marketing Pipelines. 

Kajabi Pipelines
put monetization on steroids. Whether you’re selling subscriptions to exclusive video content or offering coaching packages or digital products, pipelines help you quickly turn first-time visitors into long-term clients.  

And Kajabi gives you pre-made Blueprints for a wide range of offers. Simply choose the Blueprint that’s right for you, then follow the prompts to create a sales pipeline that’s designed to get results.  

Blogging and podcasts

With Twitter, you’re limited to micro-content. And once you post, you lose control, because everything stays on Twitter. With Kajabi, you can publish your content in a variety of formats and channels. The only limit is your creativity.

For example, on your Kajabi website, you can host a blog and podcasts. No word limits. Just share your ideas in the format you love best. 

With a blog and/or podcast, you can keep your prospective customers up to date with the latest news or strategies in your niche and build your brand as a thought leader in your space. 

Webinars and live events

Kajabi supports live events and training when you integrate your preferred webinar platform. And you can promote it through Kajabi’s email marketing software, your website, and landing pages.

With one platform, you can create, market, and sell your digital products. Kajabi even offers Pipeline Blueprints designed for different types of events, including live events, virtual summits, and webinars. So you can get your target audience fired up and engaged in just a few clicks.

Kajabi pricing

Kajabi isn’t free, but you don’t have to achieve specific milestones to use it. They don’t make you sign up for a premium program, get verified, or commit to any number of posts per month.

Even at the lowest membership level, Kajabi gives you access to every powerful business-building feature. And Kajabi never takes a percentage of your sales.  

Simply choose the plan that’s right for you:

  • Basic: $119/month, paid annually, to sell up to 3 digital products
  • Growth: $159/month, paid annually, to sell up to 15 digital products
  • Pro: $319/month, paid annually, to sell up to 100 digital products

Each plan has a free trial, and each gives you full access to every feature you need to build a profitable business:

  • Sales Pipelines
  • Landing page builder
  • Marketing emails
  • Website builder
  • Webinars and events
  • Blog and podcast hosting
  • Courses
  • Coaching
  • Newsletter
  • Memberships
  • And more

Why choose Kajabi over Twitter for content monetization? 

Twitter is a social media platform that’s designed for you to share your ideas and possibly monetize them. But you can’t build a business on Twitter. 

For that, you need to invest in a website, a shared web hosting plan, an email marketing platform, a webinar platform, and a podcasting platform. In other words, you need Kajabi. 

Of course, you can use Twitter with Kajabi. It’s great for engaging with your audience and creating bonus income. But when it comes to building a business, Kajabi gives you the tools you need to truly monetize your knowledge.  

The bottom line: Kajabi vs. Twitter, which is better?

As you can see, Kajabi vs. Twitter isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison. Each platform takes a vastly different approach. 

With Twitter, you’re more or less forced to seek out sponsorships or allow advertisers to promote themselves in your videos, which may impact your profit potential. You can build a paid community or ask for tips, but that’s about it.

With Kajabi, the possibilities are endless. You can choose to share your knowledge and passions without worrying about commissions or profit-sharing. You’re not beholden to the whims of advertisers and won’t need to wait two extra months just to see a payment. 

Twitter’s payment structure was built for advertisers, not you. Its monetization features are great add-ons to a business built through Kajabi. But they don’t stand alone. 

From our perspective, Twitter is the icing on the cake, but nothing more. 

If you’re ready to take the next step and monetize your content, there’s no better time to make money with what you know than right now, using Kajabi. Get started today with a free 14-day trial and see how easy it is to build your website, create your mailing list, automate your marketing, design your course or membership and much more.

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