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Kajabi vs. Profi


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If you’re a life coach, you need a reliable life coach CRM that keeps track of every aspect of your business and your clients.

If you’ve spent any time researching solutions, you've likely compared Kajabi and Profi. But which platform is the best website platform for coaches? Which is tailored to the needs of coaches who want to transform their practice into a full-fledged business? 

In this detailed Kajabi vs. Profi review, we'll take a look at how Kajabi compares to Profi and which is the best CRM for coaches who are looking to grow their business. 

Before we dive into our Profi review, it's important to understand exactly what Profi is and how it compares to Kajabi. On the surface, both platforms seem similar, but before you invest too much time, it's a good idea to know what to expect. 

What Is Profi?

Profi is an all-in-one suite of tools for setting up and optimizing your online presence. Founded in 2018, Profi began as a marketplace for mental health practitioners. Today, it provides a coaching platform for solopreneur and corporate coaches, trainers, consultants, and therapists. 

Its feature set is designed to help “profis,” short for “professionals,” take care of their clients and grow their business. That includes: 

Appointment scheduling
- Users and coaches can schedule appointments using Profi. Its two-way calendar and SMS follow-up reduce the likelihood of missed appointments. 

Billing and invoicing
- Coaches can manage billing and send invoices directly to clients. And it can handle one-time fees, installments, and membership subscriptions.

- Profi offers video and collaboration tools for running a successful coaching practice. 

Courses and curricula
- Profi lets you display and manage all of your programs, events, blogs, and content, and measure their impact in one place. 

Goal tracking progress
- Profi allows clients to track their progress toward a specific goal as they work with their chosen coach.

As an all-in-one, Profi can streamline the administrative tasks of running a coaching business. But if you’re looking for tools to market your business and attract clients, it may fall short. 

That's where Kajabi comes in. Kajabi was founded in 2010, expressly to support knowledge entrepreneurs. As Kajabi co-founder Kenny Rueter explains, “Kajabi helps serious business owners get unstuck and just keep going.” That’s as true today as it was in 2010!

What should an “all-in-one” include?

To perform a complete Kajabi vs. Profi review, it’s important to understand what each company means by the term all-in-one.

Profi’s coaching tool set focuses on saving you time by automating admin tasks while creating a personalized client experience. They give you coach booking software, video coaching software, and SMS notifications.

They also equip you to create and sell your coaching programs, including online coaching courses, co-authored programs with other coaches, and a branded client portal.

To help you manage your clients, it includes a CRM, intake and evaluation forms, and billing software.

While that does sound all-inclusive, it leaves a few gaps that you may need to fill with other products and services.

Kajabi not only gives you the tools you need to run a successful coaching program, it also gives you the tools you need to engage with your clients, market and sell your services, and build your authority as a thought leader.

For example, Kajabi supports podcasts, blogging, and newsletters. It gives you a website builder, landing page builder, and funnel builder. And with Kajabi’s analytics, you’ll never be at a loss for what’s going on in your business.

Of course, as a coach, you need to be able to manage individual clients. So let’s look closely at Profi’s and Kajabi’s CRM feature.

Kajabi vs. Profi: Which is the best CRM for coaches? 

A CRM is vital for understanding how your marketing and coaching are resonating with clients. It details the behaviors of each client, so you have the feedback you need to deliver a better experience to all of your users. 

Kajabi’s CRM
is housed in the “People” tab. Here, you’ll find a list of all your contacts, both subscribers and clients. You’ll build this list with sign-up forms on your Kajabi website, but for new users, you may import contacts from another CRM.

Click on any individual person in the list, and you’ll get a detailed overview of that individual’s activity:

  • Lifecycle
  • Info
  • Purchases
  • Products
  • Notes

Let’s take a closer look: 


Information on the Lifecycle tab includes: 

  • Lifespan - How long ago the user entered your system
  • Purchases - How many purchases they’ve made so far
  • Net Revenue - The net revenue generated by this customer
  • Email campaigns sent to the customer
  • How many offers were made to this customer
  • How many forms the customer submitted

Screenshot of a customer profile in the Kajabi app

This information tells you how well your business growth initiatives and promotions are performing: Are customers likely to take you up on your course offers? Which customers are your highest value clients? How many of them take action as a result of receiving your email campaigns? 

Customer info

The Info tab in Kajabi’s CRM gives you basic details about each customer. This includes when they joined, when they last signed in, whether or not they’re subscribed to your list, when they became a member, how much revenue they’ve generated, and more. ?


Want to see all of the offers you’ve made available to your customers? Kajabi’s tracks every purchase your customer has made, including free offers they’ve accepted. /


If the client has access to any product, you’ll see it listed here. 


In both the Purchases and Products tabs, you’ll see the tags that have been assigned to the client. Tags are one of Kajabi’s most strategic features. They allow you to segment your clients based on specific criteria that you specify in advance. 

For instance, when you create an offer, you’ll set up a tag that goes with it. When someone accepts an offer, that tag is added to their profile in the CRM. This is done automatically, and you’ll use it whenever you send an email campaign to ensure the right people get the right message at the right time.

Let’s say you’re an executive coach and you offer a course that teaches women how to be better leaders. You also have an advanced course on setting and achieving company-wide development goals in the workplace. 

With Kajabi’s CRM and tag system, you can set up a series of follow-up emails that target all the people in list with a certain tag. This sends your offer to the people most likely to be interested in it — and no one else. 

Kajabi’s CRM system allows for more complex email options as well. There are over 15 email templates available to customize your marketing automations. That means you never have to start from scratch unless you want to. 

Customer management made easy

Another advantage to using Kajabi is that you don’t have to wait until a marketing automation or funnel is triggered. Anytime you want to engage with your clients, you can send them an email.

Behind the scenes, you can change their password for them or send them a reset link so they can change it themselves. And Kajabi lets you hide and mute members for greater control over the safety and security of your clients. 

Profi’s CRM, like Kajabi’s, helps you track your clients. But it seems to focus primarily on the modules they’ve completed and their assessment grades. We don’t see any evidence that it tracks purchases, dollars spent, lifecycle, or behavior.

Screenshot of the Profi app


Website design and marketing tools 

An area where Kajabi stands out in comparison to Profi is its website design feature set. Profi lets you co-host courses with other coaches and also let you brand the customer portal to reflect your style and business, but that’s where the customization and flexibility ends. 

While Profi does offer a clean and simple design interface, our Profi review shows that it doesn’t go far enough in letting coaches truly emphasize or promote their brand.

Kajabi understands the power of a strong brand. That’s why it gives you full creative control with an intuitive website builder. Its drag-and-drop simplicity means you don’t have to be an experienced web designer to create a beautiful website that sets you apart from the competition. 

Add your colors and font choices to make each page your own. No programming or website design know-how needed — and no need to pay a third-party developer to make it happen. 

And with Kajabi, it’s easy to tailor the mobile-responsive themes and add features that boost usability. Your clients will find it easy to reach out, schedule an appointment, sign up for an email list, and more. 

The beauty of the Kajabi website designer is in its simplicity and the clean, modern, attractive designs that quickly establish you as an authority in your field. 

Kajabi vs. Profi: Pricing

This brings us to another area where the two platforms differ considerably – the cost.

Profi’s Starter package is $59 per month. That seems affordable, but it only lets you have 25 clients and includes Profi branding on your pages. 

The Starter package does give you unlimited video and audio calls with those clients, as well as unlimited forms and SMS messages. If you want your own branding, you’ll need to opt for their Pro package at $99, which allows for up to 100 clients. But for more than 100 clients, you’ll pay nearly $200 per month for the privilege. 

Compare this to Kajabi’s Basic package at $119/month (billed annually). Although you pay more, you also get a lot more for your money. You can create three separate products and have three marketing automations, as well as an unlimited number of landing pages. You can also send an unlimited number of emails to up to 10,000 contacts.

Perhaps most importantly, you can have up to 1,000 active members compared to just Profi’s 25. Add to that the benefit of no transaction fees taking a bite out of your revenues, and Kajabi makes even more sense. 

Plus, keep in mind - with Kajabi, you’re not limited to coaching programs. You can create and sellcourses, memberships, podcasts,

And every feature is available in every pricing tier. You always have the tools and features you need to build your business and profits — even if you’re just starting out.

The bottom line: Which is better? Kajabi vs. Profi

Profi is great if you need a seamless way to manage cumbersome administrative tasks, like booking appointments, offering basic courses, and doing audio and video calls with your clients. It’s also HIPAA compliant, so if you’re dealing with sensitive customer medical information, you should certainly give Profi a look.

However, if you want to automate your marketing, enjoy a beautiful and mobile-friendly website, and sell your courses or membership to clients without hassles, Kajabi is the better option. 

Kajabi has a more comprehensive CRM tool. It also gives you a comprehensive knowledge base, community support groups, and unlimited access to Kajabi University. Rather than simply managing your time and your clients, Kajabi gives you everything you need to set up, build, manage, and grow your business.

Like Profi, Kajabi offers a platform that lets you connect with clients. But Kajabi’s platform goes further. Its goal is to help you grow your entire business. 

And Kajabi is priced to scale with you. Since no features are reserved for more expensive tiers, you have access to all the tools you need to get started right away. You don’t have to upgrade until you have more clients and your practice grows.  

Kajabi also saves you time and money. You don’t have to pay for individual tools for your website, marketing, and CRM. With everything in one place, you’re free to spend more of your time focused on helping others.

Kajabi takes care of all of that in one complete package. It’s everything you need to launch your coaching business, attract and manage clients successfully, and transform yourself into an in-demand coach in your industry. 

Plus, you can try Kajabi for 14 days risk-free. Start your free 14-day trial of Kajabi today!

Still researching?
Check out Kajabi’s free downloadable ebook guides on launching and growing a knowledge commerce online business!

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