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Kajabi vs. Spotify Podcast Subscriptions


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Podcasts are huge - and still growing. Statista reports that the number of monthly podcast listeners in the United States alone is projected to be 164 million in 2023, showing huge growth from 32 million a decade prior.

Chart showing the growth of number of monthly podcast listeners in the United States from 2014 to 2023, starting at 32 million and climbing to 164 million

If you’re a current podcaster or are starting an independent podcast, you know the platform you choose will ultimately determine what features you can use and how far your reach will extend. 

Every podcaster wants to reach the maximum number of listeners while growing and amplifying their brand. We’ve all heard and used the big podcast streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and even iHeartRadio -  but are they built to deliver on an efficient growth model for your business? 

Today we’re talking about Spotify. Keep reading as we compare one of the biggest streaming services out there to Kajabi so you know which platform is best for earning revenue and marketing your podcast - we promise you won’t want to miss this. 

What are Spotify podcast subscriptions?

Spotify is one of the top audio streaming platforms, with more than 389 million listeners across 187 markets worldwide. While it was originally designed to help music artists get discovered, Spotify is also now trying to support podcasters.

However, podcasters are looking for ways to monetize their shows. And for that, they’re creating private podcasts that are only available to people who pay for a subscription. 

Subscriber-only content is one of the best ways to monetize your digital content as a podcaster. And in April of 2021, Spotify announced that they were going to offer paid subscriptions for creators who use Spotify to host their podcasts.

At Spotify, podcast subscriptions are independent from Spotify Premium subscriptions. Listeners subscribe to their favorite Spotify podcast individually, with payments renewing at the end of the subscription period.

With this move, listeners can access subscriber-only content and directly support their favorite creators. And creators can create a more stable source of revenue while engaging deeply with loyal fans.

You may be reading this thinking, “Sounds great!”. But, Spotify has limited tools when it comes to building and supporting your knowledge business as a whole. To explain what we mean, let’s break down  how Spotify compares to Kajabi. 

On the surface, the two platforms couldn’t seem more different. Spotify is a streaming service, and Kajabi is a knowledge commerce platform. What could the two possibly have in common? 

Both allow you to treat your podcast as a digital product. But a more important distinction is the long-term potential to transform your podcast into recurring income and using it as a stepping stone to create multiple income streams with a library of digital products - we’ll say it again: multiple income streams

Looking at Kajabi vs. Spotify podcasts, the approach is vastly different. And understanding those differences is key to deciding which platform is best for you. 

How does the Spotify podcast platform work?

Spotify wants to be the biggest podcast distributor on the web. However, it faces stiff competition from Google and Apple. In recent months, Spotify has decried Apple’s pricing structure, which takes a 30% bite of podcast creators’ profits every month. 

Spotify is willing to sacrifice their own potential profits by allowing content creators to keep 100% of subscription fees — at least initially. Starting sometime in 2023, Spotify will add a 5% fee for access to this feature. The aim is to steer more content creators away from Apple and Google and toward its own platform. 

To that end, Spotify doesn’t allow users to pay for their podcast subscriptions through Apple or Google Play. Their listeners are effectively walled off from those platforms. 

Spotify currently allows podcasters to broadcast to 34 countries. However, we think their playlist feature isn’t the most user-friendly. Especially for podcasters. Spotify doesn’t differentiate between music and podcasts in users’ playlists. That means your podcasts will be mixed into your s

Imagine you're on your daily run jamming to Beyoncé when suddenly Spotify starts playing a soothing Brené Brown podcast episode - which could throw off the vibe. (Don't worry, we still love you Brené!) But if your podcasts are mixed in with your subscribers’ music stream, it could create a potentially jarring experience.

What is the Spotify podcast creator experience like?

Spotify’s podcasting experience for creators is refreshingly free of restraints. By contrast, Apple not only takes a chunk of creator revenues, it also charges creators an annual subscription fee for access to premium tools. Podcasters have to pay to create additional perks for listeners, including bonus content and ad-free listening. 

Conversely, Spotify gives podcast creators much more flexibility. Creators can offer content to subscribers that includes additional features like ad-free listening, bonus content, or exclusive content without paying extra.

The most significant difference is that Spotify lets creators keep 100% of their profits. There are no platform fees until 2023. Even then, there will only be a 5% fee added compared to Apple’s take of 30% of subscription fees. 

The process of setting up podcasts subscriptions on Spotify is simple. It’s highly consolidated and straightforward. Podcasters simply choose their subscription fee and additional options, and they’re done. This makes Spotify an attractive option for podcasters. But that doesn’t mean it’s problem-free. 

Biggest drawback of using the Spotify podcast platform

Spotify, Apple, and Google are in a heated competition for the lion’s share of podcasters and listeners. Spotify no longer lets new subscribers use Apple’s in-app payments. Apple and Google have done the same. 

By refusing to let subscribers pay for their podcast subscription through competing apps, listeners may find it harder to connect with you. Although Spotify has over 380 million active users as of the end of 2021, you still should consider whether or not you want to limit yourself when it comes to the reach of your podcast.

But perhaps the biggest drawback of using Spotify is that it’s not a comprehensive knowledge commerce platform. Beyond creating a podcast, there are a number of relationship-building tools that Spotify doesn't have, such as email marketing, landing pages, automation, and other features that are essential for promoting your podcast.

If you want to engage with prospects outside of the podcast and create additional ways to support them, you need a platform that equips you with business- and relationship-=building tools. This is where Kajabi comes in. 

Kajabi podcasts

Kajabi Podcasts is just one of Kajabi’s many features for knowledge entrepreneurs. Built as an all-in-one business-building platform, it provides all the tools you need to create and publish your podcast, monetize it, and build an audience around it.

And there’s no need to rely on other major podcasting platforms, like Apple or Google, that control your ability to make money. 

Podcasters using Kajabi can reach users on Spotify, Google, and Apple podcasts without having to abide by the restrictions on those platforms. 

As on Spotify, Kajabi podcasters keep 100% of the profits, and there are no per-transaction fees or hidden fees for premium tools. Just one monthly fee with Kajabi unlocks all of the platform’s core features.  

As a content creator, you don’t want to pigeonhole yourself to one format for your content, Kajabi believes podcasters, just like other types of business owners, can start small and scale their business over time with a platform built to help them identify, progress toward, and achieve their goals. That’s easier on a platform that enables you to sell many different types of digital products.

What is the Kajabi podcast creator experience like? 

Although it isn’t designed exclusively for podcasters, Kajabi is no less powerful than dedicated podcast streaming platforms. It’s actually more so. By combining podcasts with other business-building tools, like landing pages and marketing automations, Kajabi offers more ways for creators to monetize their content.

All of Kajabi’s tools are incredibly intuitive and user-friendly.  You can import your existing podcast into Kajabi by providing your RSS feed URL. Not sure how to do that? No worries. The system walks you through each step. 

You can opt to make your podcast private by connecting it to an Offer. You can also make it available on your subscribers’ favorite listening apps, including Spotify, Apple, and Google. 

Creators can complete each podcast episode with all the trimmings. Add show notes, transcripts, and episode thumbnails for your listeners. These features work flawlessly with your listeners’ favorite podcast apps. 

And remember, all you pay to Kajabi is a single monthly or annual fee - it’s your choice. 

Go beyond podcasting

Although your core business may be podcasting, Kajabi’s business and marketing platforms allow you to stretch your wings if you wish. All of Kajabi’s pricing packages include the following: 

Drag and drop website editor
- Kajabi’s intuitive drag-and-drop website builder allows you to create a stylish website to promote your podcast in just a few simple steps. No graphic design or web development experience needed!

Plus, if you ever want to change your site’s design, all it takes is a few simple clicks to make it happen. And because your website is hosted with Kajabi, you’ll save hundreds of dollars every year by not having to pay a hosting company in addition to hiring a web developer. 

Email marketing service
- Another easy-to-use feature is Kajabi’s integrated email marketing service. Here again, you won’t need to pay a third-party email marketing platform to send and schedule emails to your subscribers. You can do it all seamlessly within Kajabi.

Kajabi’s email marketing service is designed to increase the number of users who take the action you want them to take, such as subscribing to your podcast. Every email you send makes it easy for your users to read and respond to your CTA.

Sending and scheduling emails is easy with Kajabi, but it’s just the beginning. You can also segment your messages. Send special perks to paying subscribers while encouraging free listeners to upgrade. Kajabi makes the process easy, fast, and straightforward. 

Landing page creator
- A podcast is only as good as its ability to market itself. With Kajabi’s landing page creator, you can create an unlimited number of pages encouraging users to check out your podcast (and other digital products). 

Marketing pipelines
- Professional marketers use Pipelines to quickly convert first-time contacts to loyal customers.

As a podcaster, your communication with a first-time subscriber will differ from your tone with a long-time user. With Kajabi, you can tag subscribers according to their behavior or subscription status, so they always get the information they need, when they need it. 

Ongoing support and education
- Kajabi’s extensive online knowledge base and Kajabi University give you more than tutorials for using the platform. You’ll also learn to transform your podcasting passion into a full-fledged business. Both the knowledge base and Kajabi University are free and included with every subscription plan.

Email and live help are also available at different pricing tiers. so you’re never left to figure things out on your own. 

Get started now with Kajabi podcasts, risk-free

As you can see, being a successful podcaster is about more than just finding the right platform to call your home. It’s about working to build a lasting business that enriches your relationship with your listeners while giving you insights into the kind of content they want from you. 

Kajabi gives you all the tools you need to take your podcast and business to the next level. Create a professional-looking, mobile-friendly website, then set up marketing pipelines to help you sell more subscriptions.

See how easy it is to import your existing podcast or start from scratch to build your podcasting empire. Whether your podcast is humorous or educational, informative or entertaining, there’s a place for you on Kajabi. Get started today with your free trial of Kajabi and see just how far your podcasting passion can carry you!

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Kajabi vs. Spotify Podcast Subscriptions
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