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Kajabi vs. Uscreen


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If you're looking at video monetization platforms, you've likely considered Kajabi vs. Uscreen. 

Both let you create courses and memberships to generate revenue. Both offer compelling reasons for choosing their particular solution. But once you dig deeper, they’re actually quite different.

Uscreen focuses on video streaming, offering course creation and packaging as a way to monetize your video content. Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform that equips you to sell any type of digital product.  

So the real question is, which platform is right for you? Our in-depth Uscreen review has the answers. Let's jump right in.

What is Uscreen?

Uscreen is an all-in-one video monetization platform designed for video creators, YouTubers, and broadcasters who want to offer Video On Demand (VOD) and monetize their video library. 

They make it easy to upload, live stream, manage, and monetize your videos through their platform while giving your audience a premium viewing experience. They also let you create your own OTT app and distribute your videos across all major streaming services, including AppleTV, iPhone, Roku, and Google. 

OTT, which stands for Over The Top, allows you to stream your videos over the internet rather than cable or satellite TV. Your customers can access it like Netflix or any other streaming app, and it’s available on mobile devices and even TVs.  

Unlike YouTube or social media channels that depend on ads to monetize your content, Uscreen lets you sell your videos from your site via a subscription or pay-per-view model. They don’t take a revenue share, though you will pay a small fee for each customer.

Uscreen’s pricing is competitive, but many of their most lucrative features are only available at their highest price tier. That includes the OTT app. 

Now, let’s compare that to Kajabi.

Kajabi also supports a video monetization model, but you aren’t limited to video products. With Kajabi, you can host, create, market, and sell any type of digital product, including courses, membership sites, coaching programs, and paid subscriptions.

With Kajabi, you own all of your content and make all your own strategic decisions about how to grow your business. We give you the tools you need without dictating the type of products you’ll create, how or where you interact with your clients, or how much you charge.

And Kajabi never withholds advanced features because you aren’t paying enough. Every feature is available in every plan. So you can start small and grow your business at your own pace.

Do you need a VOD service?

If you've ever used Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you've seen a VOD service at work. It allows users to access your videos when, where, and how they want. It also gives them the media controls to stop, rewind, fast-forward, and replay to their heart’s content.

Uscreen is essentially a VOD app. To organize your content, it uses a library-based approach. You can group videos into chapters and playlists and sell them individually or as a packaged course. 

They also let you choose how you’ll charge users to access your videos. For example, you can let a user "rent" a video for a certain time period or charge them on a per-view basis. You can also offer a free trial to give customers a taste of your member experience. 

Kajabi doesn’t offer a VOD service, per se, but it does offer a ready-made mobile app for free with every Kajabi account. So you can give your customers a seamless, one-touch learning experience that’s accessible on-demand. 

With Kajabi, all of your content is mobile-ready from the get-go. Every update you make in your courses or digital products show up in the app instantly. And you can set up push notifications to put all of your updates on the screen they look at the most.

The point of video on demand is to make your content accessible to your clients wherever they are, at home or on the go. But you don't need a VOD to accomplish this. Kajabi's mobile app does this too. So paying for a VOD service may be unnecessary, especially if you aren’t trying to go head-to-head with Netflix or Amazon Prime.

The end user experience

For both VOD and knowledge e-commerce businesses, the end user experience is paramount. 

Uscreen is heavily invested in creating an intuitive experience for you and your audience. To ensure the video plays on all internet-enabled devices, they provide an HTML5 player. They also allow captions, speed control, and complete control of the video player. 

Kajabi offers a similar experience through its partnership with Wistia. Inside Kajabi’s course page or web page, you’ll upload your video as usual. Behind the scenes, Wistia encodes higher quality versions to ensure your clients get an HD or 4K viewing experience on their preferred device. 

Though video hosting is Uscreen’s primary focus, it's just one feature in Kajabi’s business-building suite. For knowledge entrepreneurs who are serious about building a profitable business, Kajabi offers the complete tech stack to do just that.  

Kajabi gives you email marketing software, marketing tools, video and podcast hosting, a landing page builder, and a shopping cart to help you grow your business. And with their course creation platform, coaching, and newsletters, you can create a wide range of digital and video products.  

Website design and customization

Both Uscreen and Kajabi offer website design capabilities. With either option, you won’t need to purchase additional hosting or hire a developer to make your site look good.

Although Uscreen has website design templates, they’re understandably designed for the VOD-as-a-business model. Kajabi offers a more versatile, drag-and-drop interface through its Premier theme. 

You can think of Kajabi's Premier theme as the building blocks for your custom website design. Infinitely customizable, you can change entire sections of your site in just a few clicks, no web design experience necessary. This allows you to create a unique, branded look that's clean, modern, and loads fast on any device. 

Plus, because Kajabi is centered around helping content creators build a full-fledged business, you can choose one of several preset layouts to save time. Every theme lets you change layouts, colors, and fonts to match your unique brand, giving you a professional-grade website in a fraction of the time. 

Digital product monetization

Both Kajabi and Uscreen allow you to monetize your website. Both platforms let you structure your pricing your way and create the type of business model you want. 

That said, Uscreen focuses entirely on video monetization and allows you to sell individual videos or create collections and sell them as a packaged deal. 

You can sell videos for a one-time fee or let users "rent" them. You can create site-wide subscriptions and offer savings to your users when they buy monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. And you can offer free trials to attract new users. 

With Kajabi, you can offer courses, memberships, or other digital products and set your own pricing. Kajabi charges a fixed monthly fee (or you can save up to 20% if you prepay annually) but there are no per-transaction fees. And you have the option to bundle your courses, offer a course with membership, set up discounts and coupons, or mix and match any of these options. 

Analytics and reporting

Both Kajabi and Uscreen offer built-in analytics

Uscreen's reporting is based on things like video viewing activity and content performance. You can go granular on these details if you wish and see specific data by video, collection, user country, and device. 

With Uscreen, you’ll have a good idea of which videos your audience likes, but you may not gain the insight you need to optimize your offers and profits.

Kajabi's analytics go much deeper and include information such as:

  • Net revenue - How much money you earn each day
  • Subscription metrics - Including recurring revenue, revenue per user and churn
  • Opt-in metrics - Including specific landing pages, form submissions and more
  • Page views - Shows you which pages are the most visited
  • Product progress - Shows how your members are progressing in your online course or subscription material
  • Offers sold - The offers purchased on your site within a given time frame 
  • Affiliates - The affiliate commissions and offers purchased through affiliate links 

With Kajabi, you’ll have the data you need to understand your clients and how they're progressing through your course or coaching program. You’ll also have the full picture of your online business health, so you know where to improve and how. 

Customer support 

Both platforms have robust knowledge bases filled with step-by-step videos and articles.  

At the time of this writing, Uscreen has one user guide on OTT apps. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be a training portal to help you uplevel your skills and grow your business.

Kajabi offers free, unlimited access to Kajabi University, an online learning portal that teaches you how to transform your knowledge into a viable digital product and grow a full-fledged business. 

Users also have access to Live Chat support. This is available during work hours for Basic members and 24/7 for Growth and Pro members. 

Kajabi vs. Uscreen pricing

Before wrapping up this Uscreen review, it's important to take a closer look at each platform’s pricing. 

Uscreen offers three plans. Paid annually, it breaks down to: 

  • Basic at $79/month + $0.50 per subscriber/month
  • Growth at $159/month + $0.50 per subscriber/month
  • Plus, which requires a quote from Uscreen

Each tier unlocks additional features and limits. For example, the Growth plan unlocks e-commerce capabilities, but you'll need a Plus account to take advantage of advanced features like mobile and TV streaming. 

Kajabi also has three plans. Paying annually, it breaks down to:

  • Basic at $119/month
  • Growth at $159/month
  • Pro at $319/month

Kajabi is designed to grow with you, so you only need to upgrade when you’re ready to scale. Our tiers are defined by digital product and contact limits, but the contact limits tiers are 10,000, 25,000, then 100,000 - so you don't have to worry about paying per subscriber.

Kajabi vs. Uscreen: Which is better?

Both platforms offer a superior end-user experience and are intuitive and easy to use. Both take away the burden of building your own tech stack, so you can concentrate on sharing your knowledge. The real question is, "What do you want to achieve with your business?"

Uscreen is great if you want to create a streaming media company. It will allow you to stream your videos on your own site and sell them individually, as part of a package, or via a pay-per-view model. Their marketing tools and focus are designed entirely around video marketing and launching your own on-demand service.

If you have a lot of rich video content and are in a viewer-centric niche like cooking or fitness, it makes sense to consider a platform like Uscreen as a potential monetization model. Rich, seamless 4K video streaming is where Uscreen shines, and in these highly-competitive niches, first impressions can make a big impact. 

However, if you aren’t trying to build a media company, Uscreen may be overkill. While it does give your audience a premium video experience, it doesn’t give you as many options or tools for building a profitable knowledge business. 

For the knowledge entrepreneur, Kajabi is hands down the better option. 

Its video features compare favorably to Uscreen, giving you HD and 4K resolutions. But you aren’t limited to video products. Your product line can include courses, coaching, newsletters, memberships, or any other digital product you can imagine. 

And Kajabi gives you all the marketing and sales tools you need to grow your audience, attract your best customers, and support them so you can make a difference in their lives.  

Try Kajabi today

Get your free 14-day trial and see for yourself how easy it can be to start a knowledge business in the new economy. Join over 50,000 Kajabi heroes, entrepreneurs, and influencers around the world who are growing and building their business with the security and ease of a true all-in-one platform. 

Start your free 14-day trial of Kajabi today!

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